Comox Valley Counselling Addiction

Comox Valley Counselling Addiction



Several commonly held beliefs about addiction and those who struggle with substance abuse have no supporting scientific evidence:



1. Hitting ‘rock bottom’ is not necessary, early intervention is preferable to waiting for a sufferer to be ready.


2. Addiction is highly treatable, and most people with a substance abuse disorder do recover.


3. No type of person or personality becomes addicted; any person can develop a substance abuse disorder.


4. People with substance use disorders and their families are not liars, in denial, or codependent at any higher rate than the rest of the population. This type of stigmatization of people is unhelpful in dealing with addictions.



You may feel hopeless and lonely if you struggle with a substance use disorder or process addiction. There is hope, and help is not far away. As a first step, accept that you are valuable and deserve help and care just as you are. You don’t need to hit rock bottom, and you don’t need to beat yourself up. Reach out to a counsellor or access one of the many resources available on the resource page.



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