Trauma Counselling Comox Valley

Trauma Counselling

Trauma Counselling Comox Valley Greg DeLong June 27, 2023 Blog Posts Trauma and Trauma Counselling Trauma is part of the human experience. Traumatic experiences include abuse, neglect, witnessing violence, natural disasters, and accidents. Traumatic experiences can profoundly affect physical and mental health and may lead to PTSD and cPTSD. Trauma Counselling and The Need for […]

Internal Family Systems

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No Hugs, No Learning, and The Wisdom of Seinfeld Anyone who knows me knows I am a massive fan of the Seinfeld show. I cannot tire of the antics of George, Kramer, Elaine, and Jerry. It is commonly understood that the show was about nothing, but I recently learned that a mantra of the show […]

The Power of Empathy

The Power of Empathy

The Power of Empathy The Power of Empathy The Power of Empathy – There is an idea that if we argue, shame, cajole, and convince, we can persuade others to agree with us, amend their ways, and ultimately change the world. We think that the louder we are, the more sound our argument, the stronger […]

The Voice of Shame

The Voice of Shame

The Voice of Shame Remember the show Everybody Loves Raymond? I often think about one scene that has stuck with me over the years. Ray’s wife Debra was attempting to get the family to address real feelings and disrupt the cycle of dysfunction, at which point Frank Barone exclaims, “is this more of your ‘I’m […]

Substance Use Disorders Addiction Part 2 – Stigma

Substance Use Disorders The word addiction conjures up many stereotypical images that generally are not helpful to those suffering from substance use disorders or one of the process addictions. The word addiction itself carries a certain amount of stigma-inducing images. Stigma is simply an attitude, belief or behaviour that discriminates against people. Stigmatizing language affects […]

Comox Valley Counselling Addiction

Comox Valley Counselling Addiction     Several commonly held beliefs about addiction and those who struggle with substance abuse have no supporting scientific evidence:     1. Hitting ‘rock bottom’ is not necessary, early intervention is preferable to waiting for a sufferer to be ready.   2. Addiction is highly treatable, and most people with […]